Skincare: Daytime Routine

Skincare - Daytime Routine3

I’ve gone into detail about my nighttime skincare routine so now I’ll describe how I prep my skin in the morning. Because I’m usually in a rush, I like to use a minimal amount of products. I just use a toner and moisturizer before I apply a primer and my makeup for the day. These products work very well for my oily, sensitive skin and I feel like my face has been getting a lot clearer and smoother this past month. These are the products I use for my daytime skincare routine.


Skincare - Daytime Routine

I don’t like washing my face in the morning because I feel like it dries out my skin and makes it more difficult for my makeup to apply smoothly. I like using The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner in the morning which cleans away any dirt or impurities on my face. This makes my skin feel extremely soft and smooth which helps my moisturizer better absorb into my skin. I think using a toner, especially a moisturizing toner like this one, allows me to use less moisturizer because my skin already feels very soft. This toner retails for $13 at The Body Shop.


Skincare - Daytime Routine2

Next, I apply The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15. I think it is extremely important to use SPF to protect your skin. I have some broken capillaries around my nose which could have been prevented if I had used sunscreen in the past. This moisturizer is incredibly light, feels cooling, and smells very fresh. However, I wouldn’t say this is mattifying and it does not control oil either. It is extremely difficult to find a product that is truly mattifying while containing SPF. When a product has any amount of SPF, it usually feels heavy and makes my skin feel greasy. But I do like using this moisturizer because it is very light and doesn’t make my face any more oily. Usually when a product is described as mattifying, I think of it as being too drying, but this moisturizer gives my skin the perfect amount of moisture and hydration. It is non-clogging, oil-free, and hydrating which are all perfect for sensitive skin. This retails for $18.50 at The Body Shop.


These are the only two products I use in the morning that I feel work best for my skin. I think using a lot of skincare products prior to applying makeup will feel too heavy and make my face more oily. The Body Shop is a great brand for skincare because they have a wide range of products for all skin types. Plus, they are extremely affordable since there is always a sale. I highly recommend checking this brand out!


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