Review: Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge


I’ve never really understood what the big deal is with the beauty blender. I thought $20 for a sponge?! That’s ridiculous! Now recently, I noticed that some areas of my face would be dry no matter how much I moisturized and I figured that using a brush wasn’t helping. So I decided to try this dupe out because a damp sponge might help with the dryness. I have to say that I am really impressed! My foundation goes on easier without emphasizing any dry patches. I think that because you use the sponge damp it adds some moisture to the skin without making it oily. I really do like this dupe!

Stila’s Double Ended Blending Sponge is said to be a “dual-ended sponge applicator which applies makeup immaculately for a smooth, streak-free finish. What sets this ingenious sponge apart is that it’s double-ended, with a rounded tip on one end to apply makeup all over the face and neck. Flip the sponge over for a pointed tip to access hard to reach areas and for precision blending.”

The only issues I had with this product is that when I tried to use the pointed end to blend my undereye concealer, I noticed it was soaking up some of the concealer so I would have to go back and add more. And doing so made my undereye area look cakey. However, I have really really dark circles and need to focus my concealer on certain areas of my undereye circles. I think that the pointed end to blend in concealer would definitely work for those who don’t have to worry about severe dark circles. Another issue is that I have to spend a longer amount of time buffing and blending in my foundation than I do with my Real Technique’s Expert Face Brush. I don’t have to spend that much longer, but when I am in a rush, I find that my brush works quicker.

Other than those two issues, I find that the Blending Sponge is definitely worth the $12 price tag! This is a much better deal than spending $20, but I have never tried out the original Beauty Blender. I think this sponge is perfect for any skin type, especially those with dry skin.





Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge retails for $12 at Ulta.


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